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Hope and Substance

In this intriguing poetic journey, the author embraces both the real and the surreal in an entertaining, yet thought-provoking manner. It is a journey of enlightenment, touching profoundly on themes of mortality, morality and the human consciousness, where the challenges of the modern world meet with a conflict of individual personas and our deepest intuitive sense.  These are poems about sensation and fragmentation, emotional vulnerability, illusions, delusions and the modifiable reality we call our “perception”. They consider the duality of light and dark forces – crossing psychological boundaries and testing emotional limits, further questioning the basis of our human existence in an eternal search for spiritual wholeness and balance.

Employing a creative use of punctuation along with vibrant and original wordplay, the author manipulates images and symbols to produce an artistic work that is rich in metaphor and multi-layered meaning. In this verbal art space, epic-length poems combine with several shorter sequences to produce an engaging and varied collection of poetry.

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About the Author: Dianne Cikusa