The PURE MIND Ebook Series

to be released 2021 (with pre-purchase available)

The Garden of Least Flowers: Healing Inspirations’ is the first book in the ‘PURE MIND Series’ of wisdom quotes. ‘The Garden of Least Flowers’ makes appeal to simplicity and minimalism – both in our thoughts and physical possessions. The book is a vehicle for emptying the mind, meanwhile staying present in the moment whilst still engaging fully in activity and being mindful of routine or habit. It is via this process that we converge life and soul, and by which we attain and maintain an inner peace that is not readily disturbed by the flux of events that encircles us and often attempts to invade or occupy our passive space. Though we will make no strong social statement as a result, there is neither an oversimplification of life – just an opportune presence and a quiet undisturbed peace.

The Silent Face of Enlightenment: Spirit in Thought’ is the second book in the ‘PURE MIND Series’ of wisdom quotes. In The Silent Face of Enlightenment’, the author veers quietly yet distinguishably in the direction of elevated awareness, where enlightenment is both attainable and desirable. The contradictions and complexities of the world are tackled through an internal platform, one in which we find an inner sanctum from the world’s intellectual and emotional contaminants. The polished glass of what is then constructed outside of ourselves is reflected by an inward or psychic density – it peacefully displays the impeccable Self at the end of the illuminating journey. There we may locate admission to simplified conclusions and the embodiment of a proper and unified wisdom.


The Invisible Diary: Grey Areas of Mind and Matter’ is the third book in the ‘PURE MIND Series’ of wisdom quotes. Those elements ‘less seen’ but which may feel inarguably ‘real’, are the concepts accosted in ‘The Invisible Diary’. With this book comes a subtle pronouncement of what lies beyond the sensory impulses – an exposition of perceptual nuances and supernatural incongruity – the ‘third eye’. Despite the gaps and fractured lines, we may nevertheless find an intuitive perfection, securing continuity and connectedness as we solve an internal puzzle. This does not dispute the opinions of others nor engage in debate; it simply honours an innermost sense of reality outside of fact or physical tangibility. It is the spiritual immersion uncovering a divine pulse in what is thus ‘sensed’ but less defined. An inner resonance is nurtured over time, maturely, without detracting from the need for intellectual reason or the fusion of human activity.


Heart-Space: A Review of Inner Vows’ is the fourth book in the ‘PURE MIND Series’ of wisdom quotes. The quotes in ‘Heart-Space’ are often stripped of politeness, luring out fixations, expectations, and narcissistic eruptions. The book is something of an emotional uncoiling, with revelatory insights into partnerships and the dramatic scenes we play, imprisoning the character in its body of flesh and thought. Not only may we damage our human sensibility, but we also lose a spiritual articulation when our lifeblood is affected by the consequences of this imbalance. The energy and unity residing deeply within us – our Soul – is effectively lost in either self-sabotage or emotional exploitation by others. In suppressing our prospect for a ‘holistic’ self, leaving open a runway of profound and reciprocal connections, we instead pledge greater loyalty to another, allowing them to steal segments of ourselves. True self-love is a rediscovery of the lost through the balancing of reason with emotional awareness, conciliations of mood, and the constant and humble embrace of spiritual rites.


The Poet’s Atlas: Inner Journeys of the Writer’ is the fifth book in the ‘PURE MIND Series’ of wisdom quotes. ‘The Poet’s Atlas’ stipulates a map of accessibility or an inward portal for revelling between our silences and speech. It is where we may engage virtual visitors, make alternative references, and retract or expand our manner of thinking and conceptualising. To produce a satisfying literary work is a process often met with both moments of elation and periods of frustration or ‘block’. The creative act is a dedicated pilgrimage – one in which we both strive and attain our goals by following an inner blueprint. However the literary path is not always fluid and the way not so apparent. It will encompass obstacles and inner friction, making it difficult for us to access, develop or utilise our inner skills. It is the consolidative aspect of self-analysis which helps us to move beyond projection into action. Sometimes this requires a small shift in focus, a modifying angle or perceptual slant, in order to draw fresh observation from an internal clash or amplified conflict. We ourselves, become an equally sophisticated and captivating human story.


The Business of Wisdom: Mindfulness in a Modern World’ is the sixth book in the ‘PURE MIND Series’ of wisdom quotes. ‘The Business of Wisdom’ respectfully challenges us to dissolve human greed and global disparity in a society where both the individual and corporate persona may struggle to negotiate a sensible place ‘in treaty’ with the providing natural world. We are too often locked into progressively destructive habits, where the mainstream domesticity and cumulative ignorance form the human treadmill and where market forces are left to argue silently with our spiritual ‘inner traffic’. We are dared to question the integrity behind our human consumption and to integrate sustainable choices into our living practices. This book delivers a recognisable summary of our human morals while readily deconstructing broad economic vistas into smaller-scale and quantifiable wisdom. We are solitary participants in a global challenge, yet we may each readily elect to break cycles and review current beliefs so as to establish more viable opportunity and practicable agreement.