Cover image of Who Saw Beauty Cry


Who saw Beauty cry, and failed to hold her left hand?

In this book of original insights and reflections for women – inner wisdom, enlightenment and empowerment are the gifts we are prompted to discover as we each move along our worldly ‘life path’. On that path we may find both mystery and silence as well as wild rides and dangerous games, since life itself is filled with uncertainty. Whether life presents us with experiences of deprivation and hardship – or those of a profound and energetic joy – we can continue to approach the world around us with curiosity and openness, recognising in addition the distinct and irreplaceable presence that we represent as female individuals.

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Cover: The Jigsaw of Eight Thousand Pieces



The Jigsaw of Eight Thousand Pieces: Soul Reflections

The search for ‘consciousness’ is the search for a different kind of stimulus. It is one that dualistically nourishes the spirit mind through observation and imagination. We are a visiting party to our Higher Self until the spiritual connection becomes itself the most conscious and influential part of our human identity – until all of our decisive moments are at once inspired and intuitively guided by our wise and simple self. Our Higher Mind is activated through an integration of both logic and a looser arrangement of our perceptions, thoughts and feelings.

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