Caracol (Snail)

Caracol (Snail)



menacing Persons, left behind

the shadow

of their passive insensitivity


[crushed housing]


Regards, city-siders

we accept

your delirious ovation,

and neatly recite

        leather-bound policy

on behalf of

those greased morsels

who never owned a voice

to publicise the anguish

of patented choice; glazed

will and self-raising skin


domestic squeals

permeated by human erotica


[de-beaked] performance

making quiet outcry—

splitting hairs

in barbed cages,

but ne’er on heartless heads


God gave them half

a chance to speak,

until world

made them swallow

such lethal doses

of cosmetic flaws;


drowning in accessories


lined stomachs

are spilling dignity;


I know you’re green:

         it’s those


went down the wrong way,

carnivorous lust in reflux


…I’m rambling

to protect my swollen testament


gather my thoughts,

before you squash them carelessly


So haven’t we all


from the overt stench

of superior dialogue, cut and

pasted in social gridlock


Though we meant not

to gauge a relished reaction,

merely to mirror

the deafening mannerisms

that were hushing up pink faces


[Too late] now that

rigor mortis

got us


under the table, blissfully

  Drinking a toast


pretty conversational pieces

that would never

disturb the ecology,

(assuming we all politely agreed)


Here’s a good pinch

of snickering laxatives, yet

to be administered by watering-can


lucky lady sat on a

 cat with sixty-nine lives


The humble bee,

  he sits on his own sting

steaming weapons too easily

evaporating his focus


And didn’t you know—

by avoiding death,

            you were killing people.



(First appeared in Cordite Poetry Review, Issue #26)